Published: 2021-06-30

Inclination toward herbal remedies as immunity boosters and anti-stress agents during COVID-19 pandemic: A short report

Naila Rasheed


Antidiabetic efficacy of a honey-royal jelly mixture: Biochemical study in rats

Sultan Fahad AL Nohair


An empirical study on the job satisfaction and turnover intention of health-care professionals: Moderated moderation approach

Ghulam Muhammad Kundi, Yasir Hayat Mughal, Fahad Albejaidi, Syed Arif Pasha


Anticancer effects of Morinda lucida and Annona muricata on immunomodulations of Melatonin, tumor necrosis factor-alpha and p53 concentrations in lead acetate-induced toxicity in rats

A.A. Akinlolu, M. O. Ameen, A. O. Oyewopo, R.E. Kadir, O. Ahialaka, S. Tijani, O. Ogungbesan, R. Bebeyi, S. Adebayo, T. Amoo, M. Abdulazeez


Clinical and epidemiological characteristics and outcomes of Coronavirus disease-19 patients in a large longitudinal study

Muayad Aghali Merza, Serwan Mohamamed Aswad, Hushyar Musa Sulaiman, Deldar Morad Abdulah, Waleed Salih Rasheed, Nezar Ismet Taib


Comparison of chondrosarcoma cases: current clinical situations among institutions

Sayed Abdulla Jami, Shi Jiandang, Liu Chang Hao, Zhu Xi, Yuan Wenqi, Zhanwen Zhou